Holiday Hire

We have a number of manual wheelchairs and electric scooters available for hire to registered customers for periods of up to 6 weeks which may be used outside Uxbridge town centre. We have these wheelchairs and scooters insured for use anywhere within the United Kingdom hence the name “holiday hire”, however if you wish to take the wheelchairs abroad on your holiday you will need to organise your own insurance cover. Unfortunately we do not allow the use of electric scooters abroad. The wheelchairs are complete with footrests, cushions and shopping bags and scooters come complete with assembly instructions, basket and charger.

Wheelchair hire is £5 per day with a £20 deposit.

Scooter hire is £10 per day with a £150 deposit.

We ask customers to pay both the charge and the deposit when collecting the chair/scooter from the office. Please note we cannot accept credit or debit cards.

The holiday hire scooters break into five pieces so they can fit into the boot of a car. Our staff will show you how to do this. Please note that we sometimes only have one member of staff on duty so they may not be able to load your scooter or unload it when you return so please make sure that you bring someone able to do this. There’s a video which you can see by clicking here.

10 thoughts on “Holiday Hire”

  1. Amanda Grimes said:

    I need a motorised scooter for Sunday 10th September as I am attending a concert at Hyde Park that day. I am staying at Uxbridge and it can be returned on the Monday. Please can you let me know if this is possible with charges. Thank you

    • Hi Amanda
      Yes it is possible to hire a scooter for the concert. The full details are under ‘Holiday Hire’ on our website but to summarise;
      You’d need to join our scheme which would cost £18. Then the charge for the holiday hire scooter service is £50 per week or part of with an additional deposit of £150 which will be returned when the scooter is returned in a good clean condition. So it would cost you £68 plus the returnable deposit.

  2. hi there

    i would like to hire a wheelchair from Dec 23 to Jan 3. It would need to fold up into a car boot and would be best to have brakes as where i am going there are a lot of hills and i don’t want to lose control of my wife when she is in the chair !

    Can you help me?

    Best wishes


    • Hi Dan
      To hire a wheelchair from us you need to first join the scheme, which costs £15 for a year’s membership, then pay a £20 returnable deposit and then it’s £20 a week (or part of a week). All of our wheelchairs have brakes. Full details are on the website.

  3. F Deeble said:


    I would like to hire a wheelchair for an evening on the 13th or 14th of November. What would be the total cost for this?



    • Hi Freddy
      Sorry for the delay in replying. We’ve had a glitch with our website but it’s fixed now.
      I know the dates you mention are now gone but for future reference, to hire a wheelchair from us you need to first join the scheme, which costs £15 for a year’s membership, then pay a £20 returnable deposit and then it’s £20 a week (or part of a week). Full details are on the website.

  4. Helena plowright said:

    Hi I would like to hire a manual wheelchair for an elderly friend on Tuesday 19 Aug . I can’t get to you until 1830 (630pm) is that too late? And return it the same time on Wednesday night. I work in London so that’s the earliest I can get there. I want to take an elderly friend out to dinner . Thanks Helena

    • Hi Helena
      Our opening hours are 0915 to 1645 so I’m afraid we can’t accommodate you this week. If you would like a wheelchair in the future, you could come in on a Saturday and hire a wheelchair for a week and return it the following Saturday. This would cost £15 to join our scheme plus £20 for the hire of the chair and a £20 refundable deposit.

  5. Peter Nightingale said:

    Hi Sue and All,

    I note that you have not included electric wheelchairs on your “For Hire” entry. Is this an omission or actually because you just can!t, given the small number of EPIOCs you have available. And if so do you have information about anybody in the area that does hire them out.

    Thanking you in anticipation,

    Peter Nightingale

    • Hi Peter,
      All of the scooters and wheelchairs that we offer for hire fold flat to fit into a car boot. But our power chairs do not fold so are not suitable for long-term hire. We are not aware of anyone who offers this service.
      Best wishes
      The Shopmobility team

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