Our Equipment

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3-wheeled electric scooters


4-wheeled electric scooters




Manual Wheelchairs


4 thoughts on “Our Equipment”

  1. Jennifer Stevenson said:

    I would like to hire a wheel chair to takdd weed my dad shopping today

  2. Hi. Our parents are thinking of retiring to Ickenham area however are concerned about getting around. As a trial would a half day hire of a 4 wheel scooter be possible and how much would this cost?

    • Hi John,
      Your parents would need to join our scheme. Have a look at the ‘How do I join’ tab at the top of our home page. We will give them full training in how to use the scooter. If they want to take a scooter home for any reason they would need to pay extra. Have a look at the ‘Holiday Hire’ tab.

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