Safety Considerations

Coronavirus – We have introduced the following safety measures:

All customers must wear a mask in the shopping centre including the Shopmobility office.

Only one customer will be allowed in the office at a time

Most equipment collection will be from outside the office

All equipment will be deep cleaned after use

Clear perspex screens have been installed in the office to separate staff and customers

Staff will wear masks.

To reduce contact time between customers and staff, new customers are asked to print and complete their registration documents at home and bring them on their first visit. More details can be found on the How Do I Join page on this website.

All our customers are fully trained once they join the scheme. Refresher training will be given annually and following any accidents. If you are an existing member and you would like some refresher training, please ask. If Shopmobility staff feel, for any reason, that you need some refresher training they will let you know and it may be that you will not be allowed to use equipment until this training has been delivered.

You must tell us if you develop a ‘notifiable’ medical condition or disability or if an existing condition or disability has got worse since you joined the scheme.

Notifiable conditions are anything that could affect your ability to operate the equipment safely. They can include:

  • epilepsy
  • strokes
  • other neurological and mental health conditions
  • physical disabilities
  • visual impairments

We have set out below some of the recommendations for safe use of powered wheelchairs and scooters as a reminder to our customers.

Don’t forget that shopping centres can be very crowded places and consideration needs to be given at all times to other pedestrians.

The list below while not comprehensive, will help make Hillingdon Shopmobility a positive experience for everyone.

* Always keep the speed reduced when in busy or confined areas.

* Be courteous and show consideration for other users of the shopping centres and the town centre. Remember that pedestrians often stop suddenly and you may not be able to stop as quickly, so reduce your speed and keep a safe distance.

* The use of mobility equipment does not give you right of way over pedestrians.

* Always follow any instructions given to you by Shopmobility staff.

* Reduce your speed when cornering.

* Always turn the scooter off before getting off.

* When leaving the vehicle unattended, always take the key with you and leave the vehicle where it won’t inconvenience others.

* Use dropped kerbs whenever possible and, when climbing kerbs, approach them at right angles.

* Never allow anyone else to use the scooter or wheelchair issued to you.

* Never let anyone ride on your vehicle with you, even a small child, as this will upset the balance of the vehicle.

Should you encounter a problem with your vehicle during the course of your visit to Uxbridge, please call us on 01895 271510 (you will find this number on the front of your scooter or on the side of your powered or manual wheelchair or on the key ring provided for your vehicle) and we will endeavour to provide you with an alternative vehicle as soon as possible.

2 thoughts on “Safety”

  1. Are there any weight restrictions for scooters?

    Thank you

    • Hi Alex
      I apologise for the delay in replying. There was a glitch in our system.
      We have a range of scooters and can cope with weights up to 40 stones but it’s best to phone first to check availability.

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