Using the Service

Opening Hours

From 1st November our hours are Monday to Friday 9.15 – 4pm (we need time to clean equipment before we go home for the day). We are not open any other days.

Because of Covid, we may not be able to open at our usual times so please do phone us on the day to make sure we are open. Our number is 01895 271510.

You are asked to wear a mask in the shopping centre and that includes the Shopmobility office.

The latest time that you can hire equipment is 2.30pm as all equipment MUST be returned by 4.00pm. If you are going home by cab, then we do ask that you return to the office by 4pm giving the cab plenty of time to arrive before we close. Please note that you will not be able to wait for your cab in the office.

You can call in on the off-chance but it is always advisable to pre book to be certain that your chosen piece of equipment is available. You may book as far in advance of your visit as you wish, but usually one day’s notice is sufficient. You are welcome to leave messages on the answerphone (01895 271510) out of office hours. Please be sure to leave your name and a contact number.

 We ask that you try and keep our electric equipment as dry as possible since rain or snow can affect the electrics causing them to break down.

In the event of severe weather conditions, it is advisable to phone us prior to leaving home to check that we are open.

How far can you go?

Equipment must not be taken outside the area designated below – If equipment is taken beyond the boundary lines it will become the customer’s responsibility to return it to the office should a breakdown occur and may result in the service being withdrawn.

2 thoughts on “Using the Service”

  1. Angela Fowke said:

    Could you please advise me how I can hire a scooter for this years car show in park road Uxbridge

    • Hi Angela. You can book a scooter in advance by calling the office on 01895271510 or you can just turn up on the day and take a chance that there’s one free.

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